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Welcome to the Old Bridge Militia Foundation

The Old Bridge Militia Foundation is not about any one person, but is rather a collective of people who were present at the foundation of the early underground metal scene and still lead the charge for that scene today. This group of individuals happened to be in the right place at the right time and played a big part in cultivating a scene that is still strong, while working to grow the hard rock and heavy metal family worldwide. Since the beginning, The Old Bridge Militia were willing to assist many bands who came through the East Coast, including, Old Bridge New Jersey and the New York metropolitan area in the early 1980’s, who had no money, food, or place to stay during their visit to the area. That undying support made a true difference in the lives of many artists, many of whom went on to have long and successful made evident by the continued existence and successful careers. Some of these bands who benefitted from The Old Bridge Militia include Anvil, Raven, Slayer, Blessed Death, Anthrax, Exciter, Overkill, and perhaps most notably, Metallica, who were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2009.

Now, over three decades later, The Old Bridge Militia Foundation continues to support with that same giving spirit, in addition to honoring members we lost along the way. A portion of The Old Bridge Militia Foundation’s important work initiatives is designed to help and inspire anyone who might be interested in learning about music, especially younger members of the community. Funds raised by those initiatives go to those who do not have the financial means to purchase instruments or lessons. The Old Bridge Militia Foundation is always interested in partnering with other foundations that share their passion for giving back to the community and our youth. The Old Bridge Militia Foundation is a 100% non-profit 501 C3 charity foundation, with a mission to prove that people of the hard rock and heavy metal community can join together in helping people who are truly in need.

“These guys are the real deal!
The ones Cliff told me about who helped out Metallica right in the beginning when they needed a helping hand and a place to stay. I know Cliff is proud of what they are doing with this foundation and so am I”
– Ray Burton

Ray Burton

Upcoming Events

May 19th 2018

BUlldozer Bash III
Click here to see the events page

Breast Cancer Awareness

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From the documentary:
"Get Thrashed"

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